GREGNR Web Design - Victoria, BC, Canada
Welcome to! We offer web design services for Victoria BC based non-profits and small/medium sized businesses. If you are looking for an affordable web site you have come to the right place. We offer great pricing for our web design services: $200 CDN for the main page, and $30 to $50 CDN for each additional page. We also have a few online coupons you can submit to save you even more cash! Once your web site is completed, we offer an awesome rate of $15/hour to do minor updates to your site. We specialize in designing attractive but simple and easy to use web sites. All our web sites are hand-coded in XHTML using Dreamweaver CS5, so the code is very "clean" and easy to edit. If you are interested in hiring a local, Victoria BC based web designer, please check over this site and fill out our form. Thanks for visiting our Victoria BC Web Design site!

Victoria Web Design

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